Monday, December 14, 2009

I was blessed to be able to come back to the US for Thanksgiving Day and a visit with my family and friends. It was wonderful to come home, rest and relax... a little. Although it was a little chilly, the days were sunny and clear. There are no mountains in Nicaragua like our mountains especially with snow. I miss snow. When the time came to go home to Nica (I like having two homes :) I was ready for the warm weather, shorts and flip flops. I was welcomed by my Nica family and all the girls living at The Village of Hope. I then realized how much I had missed them.

Since being back in Nicaragua we have been busy welcoming a new missionary who is going to work with FEI and The Village of Hope for a three month trial period, looking ahead to a year or two commitment. She is adjusting quite well and the girls are really enjoying her friendship. We have decorated the Village with Christmas lights(thanks Dad!) , a tree, stockings and garland. We all enjoy sitting on the porches of the homes basking in the glow of the lights.

Also, we had two of the older girls graduate from primary school. Monica and Martha, along with their mother and sister had a graduation ceremony much like we have for middle school kids.And two of our younger girls from The Village of Hope danced during the graduation program. It was hard for some as this means they will no longer attend the primary school inside the city garbage dump. They will miss their teachers and their friends next year when they move on to secondary school, which is much like our high school. They know they will go together to school next year, but are nervous to meet new teachers and make new friends. Plus they will be taking the public bus and no longer be driven to school. They are growing up, that is for sure!! We are very proud of them and we are grateful to God that they are maturing and growing in Him.

Thank you to my family for making my time in the states such a great time, I love you. Thank you Summit View for your support, prayerfully and financially. I would not be here if it wasn't for your blessings!!

Thank you all for your support!!

    Maria Celeste as a mermaid

Martha and her mom and teacher.

Monica and her sister and teacher.

Karla (a girl from the dump) and me.

Martha and Monica
my dad and me