Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In the Future

It was nice to travel back to Nicaragua with two friends from the Forward Edge home office that were joining us down in Village of Hope to help plan for the future. We arrived at the Village and we were greeted by the wind blowing and the sun shining. A team from New York was holding teacher training classes for the teachers from the dump school. All the girls were off school and playing on the playground. And a back- hoe, yes, I said back-hoe clearing the land for the next two girls homes!! The Village was bustling with all types of activity. Since there was no school, children from the dump were bused in for afternoons of sports camps help in the open field near the back of the property. It was wonderful to hear the shouts and the laughter coming from the kids all day, knowing that the possibility of some of the girls who came to visit for the day will soon call the Village their home.
Our future planning involves the possibility of buying an adjacent property to the Village which will have a medical clinic, vocational center, missionary training and housing and a small guest home. The idea of opening this area to the community is a great vision FEI has for the Village of Hope. To offer training and education for those that live around the Village will fill a great need in the community.
New construction on girl's home #3.

Thank you to all who wrote letters and sent pictures to the girls of the Village. They have enjoyed receiving greetings and treats from all of you, especially the ones they have met before. They really feel special and are realizing there is a possibility for future relationships. They love to see pictures of your families and, of course, of themselves. This, I believe, boosts their self-esteem every day.

Martha reading a letter from my home church.

This week its back to school and a daily routine for us all as we anticipate and plan for our next team March 10th. A group of fourteen women ages 23 -69, are coming to minister to women. Women here Nicaragua love their girl time too.
Please pray with me:
· Preparation for the next 16 girls moving into the Village and their family’s hearts.
· Construction would be smooth and timely.
· Gloria’s health as she comes into the final 2 months of her pregnancy.
· A re-invigorated relationship with the Lord for all of us serving him here in Nicaragua.