Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A little more form Nica.

Through out the summer we hosted almost a team a week. Many of these teams enjoyed working on various projects. Through this work Forward Edge International is able to grow and nurture it's relationship with Nicaragua. We now are welcomed to the school in La Chureca, rather than being shunned. The kids look forward to our visits and have fun playing with the "gringos" that visit. (not a bad word here in Nica) Our last team that visited over Thanksgiving week had the privilege of taking a group of older girls from the school in the dump out for an afternoon of swimming at a local pool. We also took some kids from an orphanage called Vida Nueva to a mall and out to dinner. A treat they rarely receive. What fun it is to see the kids play on the rides at the mall or jump into a FREEZING cold pool.

We also had time to have some fun on our days off. This is riding to the river in Rio Blanco. It's great to do some things that we are not allowed to do in the states. Like ride in the back of truck everywhere you go. We hiked up the river and had fun cliff jumping into a deep pool of water. Zip lining in the canopy of Mombacho volcano is also a highlite of many of the teams trips. It's an 11 stop zip line tour in the trees. One of the teams saw a family of howler monkeys next to one os the stops. Of course it wa the only time I chose not to go, and so I missed the whole up close and personal experience.