Saturday, August 02, 2008

Long time, no blog....

I want to apologize to everyone for not writing to you all since Christmas. I would normally have some sort of excuse, this time, I have none. Except for the fact I am computer illiterate and was having trouble with blogging. This blog site has become much more user friendly. Praise God!!!

I also want to share that we, Forward Edge International, have been EXTREMELY busy here in Nicaragua. As a lot of you who have visited this summer already know. Due to this fact, I will not be able to blog again for awhile. I do have a desire to be more connected with all of you as I have decided to stay in Nicaragua indefinitely. Yes, that's right, I call this home now.

I was blessed to visit the States in June for my nephew Jeff's graduation from high school. It was a surprise to most of my family and friends. I am not sure when I will return, but am blessed to have the opportunity to visit.

I will contact you all when I am able to blog what has been going on this summer. We have a number of new projects that have begun. Our major project, Villa Esperanza, has opened and we have 16 girls living there from la Chureca (the garbage dump). They moved in about a month ago and are doing very well. We are also hosting many FEI teams on the propery as well. It has been a learning experience and thank you to all that have participated in making the Villa a success.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Prayer requests:

  • Praise God for the 16 girls now living in Villa Esperanza. He truly has saved their lives.
  • Pray for their spiritual health, mental health and physical health.
  • The father of two of the girls has passed away recently, please pray for their mother who is living in the dump right now.
  • Pray for the FEI home office, there has been many changes and a lot of work added. Prasie God that He is using FEI in a Mighty way.
  • Pray for our staff here in Nicaragua. We are tired.......Priase God He our Strength and Rest.

Love you all,